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Individual exhibition, Fundation Christian Real, Annecy, France


Individual exhibition, Katara, Doha, Qatar

Exhibition, Tajan maison de ventes aux enchères, Paris, france

Individual exhibition, Kalasrot Gallery, Lucknow, India

Individual exhibition, Indira Gandhi Nacional Center for Arts & The Indian council of cultural relations, New Delhi, India


Individual exhibition, Cervantes institut, Utrech, Netherlands
Collective exhibition of artbooks, Bibliothèque Patrimoniale Can Ventosa, Ibiza, Espagne


Artist residency for the UNESCO national comission of Andorre, Andorre
Individual exhibition, The Witte Society, représentant El Salvador at the Latinoamerican table, La Haye, Pays-Bas
Individual exhibition, Forum of arts, Tehran, Iran
Individual exhibition Torre Pedregal, San Salvador, EL Salvador
Individual exhibition, Musée Forma, San Salvador, EL Salvador

Exposition collective, Palais de l’UNESCO, en représentation de El Salvador, Paris, France
Individual exhibition, Torre Generali, Panama, Panama



Public Collection, Palacio Gomez, La Habana, Cuba
Individual exhibition, honneur artist at the Ministery of forein afairs of El Salvador Dual exhibition, Galerie Patries Van Dorst, Wassenaar, Netherlands
Exposition collective, Palais de l’UNESCO, en représentation de El Salvador, Paris, France
Individual exhibition, Museo Forma, San Salvador, El Salvador
Festival «Arte en Mayo», Fundación Rosas Botran, Guatemala

Individual exhibition, Patries van Dorst Galerie, Wassennar, Netherlands
Individual exhibition, Casa del ALBA, La Habana, Cuba
Individual exhibition ICADE-STORE, Aubervilliers, France
Exhibition and concert, in support of ‘Nous Petits Frères et Sœurs’, for the orphans of South America and Central America, Saint Germain Church, l’Auxerrois, Paris France Collective exhibition, Tour Rose, Lyon, France
Collective exhibition, Institut Cervantès, Lyon, France
Collective exhibition, Galerie Ahtzic Silis, Lyon, France

Collective exhibition, Gallery Espacio, San Salvador, El Salvador
Collective exhibition, Gallery 212, Miami, United States
Beirut Art Fair, represented by Southborder Gallery, Beirut, Liban
Individual exhibition, Embassy of El Salvador, London, UK
Individual exhibition, Instituto Cervantes, Dublin, Ireland
First prize, collective exhibition at the «Arte en Mayo» festival, Rosas Botran Founda- tion, Guatemala, Guatemala
Individual exhibition, House of Latin America in Monaco, with the support of the government of Monaco, Monaco
Jury for the Golden Blogs Awards, Image & Desing, Hotel de Ville, Paris, France

Collective exhibition, Gallery Sentidos, San Salvador, El Salvador
Collective exhibition, Post Office Museum, Paris, France
Collective exhibition «Melting Potes», Musée du Montparnasse, Paris, France Performance - auction sale, Salon des étoiles, Sporting de Monte Carlo, Monaco Collective exhibition, «Visiones», Fundation Rosas Botran, Guatemala, Guatemala Collective exhibition, Galeria Sanguinetti, Lima, Pérou

12 month cross-country road trip by motor bike from Mexico to Argentina

Special mention, 23rd Painting biennial IHCI Central America and Caribbean, Teguci- galpa, Honduras
Collective exhibition, Imagen Gallery, Panama, Panama
Collective exhibition, Sanguinetti Gallery, Lima, Peru

Individual exhibition, De Gallery, San Salvador, El Salvador
Individual exhibition, Embassy of El Salvador in Paris, France
Individual exhibition and sculptures of Benedetto Pietrogrande, Gli eroici furori Arte contemporanea, Milan, Italy

Individual exhibition, Consulate of El Salvador in Montreal, Montreal, Canada Individual exhibition, Espazio Laghetto, Milan, Italy
Individual exhibition, DeGallery, San Salvador, El Salvador

Individual exhibition, Galeria de Pascal, Suchitoto, El Salvador
Public Collection of Ministry of Defence of Spain ISDEFE, Madrid, España

Individual exhibition, India International Centre, New Delhi, India
Collective exhibition, UNESCO Palace, Paris, France
Individual exhibition, De Gallery, San Salvador, El Salvador
Creation of cultural association “Jour & Nuit Culture”, artist residency and art gallery, Paris, France

Individual exhibition, Villanueva 8 Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
First prize “Les Grands Maîtres de demain” (The Great Masters of Tomorrow), Carrou- sel du Louvre, Paris, France
Individual Exhibition, Aatrium Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

Individual exhibition, Claude Marumo art gallery, Paris, France
Individual exhibition, De Gallery, San Salvador, El Salvador
Individual exhibition, Ahtzic Silis art gallery in collaboration with the « Maison de l’Amérique Latine », Lyon, France

Individual exhibition, Talbot art gallery, Paris, France.
Individual exhibition,Claude Marumo, art gallery, Paris, France
Collective exhibition, City Hall of Sens, in collaboration with the Embassy of El Savador in France, Sens, France

Individual exhibition, Claude Marumo, Paris, France Individual exhibition, Lilla Studio, Cochin, India

Individual exhibition, House of Culture of San Salvador, El Salvador Collective exhibition, Galeria Klauss, San José, Costa Rica Collective exhibition, Galeria Wer, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Collective exhibition ADAPES, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Collective exhibition XVIth de artes plasticas, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Collective exhibition, Centro Cultural Americano, Tegusigalpa, Honduras
Collective exhibition, Fundacion Pro-Patrimonio Culturel, San Salvador, El Salvador Collective exhibition, Sala Nacional de Exposiciones, San Salvador, El Salvador
Prize of cultural journalism, El Salvador Association of Journalists, for the manage- ment of the cultural magazine SUPLEMENTO CULTURAL 3000 du Co-Latino, San Salvador, El Salvador
Creation of cultural space GUAJIRA-CAFE, San Salvador, El Salvador

Exhibitions: Japan

Collective exhibition, Galerie Ginza Art, Tokyo, Japan

Exhibitions: El Salvador

Collective exhibition, National Centre for Arts of San Salvador, El Salvador



Tajan, Paris, France


Drouot, Baron Ribeyre & associes, Paris, France

Auction sale, El Salvador Museum Forma, (Guest artist), San Salvador, El Salvador


Auction sale,  Contemporany art museum(MAC), (Guest artist), Panama, Panama
Auction sale, El Salvador Museum of Modern Art (MARTE), (Guest artist), San Salvador, El Salvador

Performance – auction by ARTCURIAL, Stars room, Sporting de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Auction, MASSOL S.A., Vannes, France

Auction, Gallery Besch, Cannes, France
Auction, Gallery des Chevau-Légers, Versailles, France

Rodolfo Oviedo Vega, prix du Senat

PRIX DU SENAT FRANÇAIS. Mr. Ambassadeur du Bresil, Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos (gauche), Recevant le prix de la part du Président du Sénat Gérard Larcher, représentante de l'ambassade d'El Salvador Maria Abelina (droite)

Rodolfo Oviedo Vega

Artist painter, interior designer and cultural administrator. In 2016, he was awarded by the French Government for his cultural work and for consolidating links between France and Latin America. He is currently and President of the Jour et Nuit Culture Association in Paris, a residency and exhibition space for artists, which promotes art and, since 2010, has benefited more than 1000 artists worldwide. Between 2018 and 2022 he was Director of the International Cultural Center of Panama. In 2015, he contributed to the creation of the ACA Association to promote the culture of Central America.


His work is part of various personal and public collections and he has exhibited in more than 20 countries around the world. Among these exhibitions and public collections are the Pompidou Museum in Metz, the Teheran Artist House, the Spanish Ministry of Defence, the Gómez Palace in Havana, Cuba (property of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Collection Prince Albert of Monaco and Prince Carlos of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies among others.

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